Learn more about SpeechifAI’s Frontend Lead, Isaiah Francois

Isaiah smiling while sitting on a dark brown couch with a white short sleeved collared shirt.
Isaiah Francois in Clermont, FL

He leads all functional aspects of the SpeechifAI platform that you can visually see: the AI, the backend, the technical features we see in real-time, and much more. Isaiah’s job is to bring all the background technical aspects together and make everything user-friendly, ensuring it is displayed smoothly and seamlessly.

From a young age, he was always involved with tech-related things. Through middle and high school, he watched his dad repair computers and routers, frequently watching tech come in and out of his home. Then, at one point, Isaiah decided he wanted…

Learn more about SpeechifAI’s Data Science Lead, Carly Gottorff

A young blonde in glasses woman standing in the center of a brick archway in Europe
Carly Gottorff in Athens, Greece

She creates, manages, and leads all aspects of the AI and social data science SpeechifAI runs on. She joined the SpeechifAI team over one year ago and currently resides in Athens, Greece.

Carly holds a B.A. in Advanced Statistical Political Science from the University at Buffalo in her home state of New York. Additionally, she holds an M.Sc. in Applied Social Data Science from the London School of Economics.

Her career began in the political science industry, working for non-profits, and think tanks around the US, including United Way, conducting research…

Image created by Ioana Zberea

2020 will forever be a historic year. One of its memorable moments was the United States Presidential Election.

Tired of the 3:00 am “breaking news” tweets, DemCast knew they had to do all they could to get people out and vote to not have a repeat of the last four years. DemCast is an organization that aims to cultivate, amplify & maximize the impact of grassroots digital media, bolstering blue electoral and policy victories at all levels of government, across America. They strive to inform and inspire their audiences through social media.

DemCast’s Strategy

Knowing how important their efforts would be leading…

Studies find that 83% of people are more likely to buy a product or service if someone they know recommends it. Once marketers figure out how to engage a small loyal audience, the community can grow exponentially as current members share their experience with their friends and bring in more community members. Many marketers wish this were as easy as it sounds. But only superhero marketers get it right and inspire all of us to follow their example.

This story is about the product launch campaign of a fintech startup. …

We are thrilled and honored to announce that Keegan Goudiss, Bernie Sanders’ 2016 Digital Advertising Director & former Managing Partner at Revolution Messaging, is joining SpeechifAI as an advisor. Goudiss’ pioneering work in the use of social media for voter engagement and small-donor fundraising has helped shape the digital transformation of politics. In this guest piece, Goudiss shares his vision for the future of online campaigning and explains how SpeechifAI’s technology can help build grassroots movements and drive social change.

Keegan Goudiss

I don’t know about you, but I hadn’t been as happy as I was on November 7th in a long…

We are thrilled to announce that SpeechifAI will be part of the Antler Global Starter Pack.

Antler is the world’s largest early-stage venture capital firm with offices across six continents. They help founders turn their business ideas into the defining technology companies of tomorrow, giving them the tools and support they need to become successful. Founders taking part in the Antler program have access to Antler’s network of industry experts and successful entrepreneurs from all over the world, who will help them on their journey.


When you are starting out, one of the best ways to create awareness about…

Image created by: Ioana Zberea

It’s 1:00 am and you’re hunched over your computer putting together a Google Doc as your digital toolkit for your activists to use first thing in the morning. Your eyes are closing and you were ready to go to bed hours ago. As the election gets closer you wince at the thought of future nights like this. You tell yourself that you can get through it because it’s only a couple more months. A couple more stressful sleepless nights…

This is exactly how Michelle and Patti from FieldTeam6 felt. Two women who worked tirelessly to assist their fellow activists in…

Photo credits: Morning Brew

On September 2nd, 2020, Tudor Mihailescu, SpeechifAI’s CEO, unveiled the main findings of the company’s research on more than 400,000 Tweets in a “virtual conversation” with more than 50 senior public relations executives. This exclusive event, hosted by the National Press Club in Washington DC, offered attendees an opportunity to learn about the key rules for impactful Tweeting in politics and brand marketing.

In late August, SpeechifAI launched the 4th iteration of its intelligent writing assistant that helps organizations and companies optimize their Twitter posts. To train the assistant, we analyzed over 400,000 Tweets from members of Congress and brands…

Image created by: Ioana Zberea

Follow along to stay up to date on our new platform updates! Below you find improvements to make SpeechifAI easier to use and an even more useful product. With each new platform iteration, we take a step in the right direction with our efforts to give people a stronger voice online.

September 2, 2021

Updates to the SpeechifAI platform design:

New Design

We’ve upgraded our platform with a new, fresh look. Making it even more intuitive and user-friendly. All currently active campaigns will look exactly the way they were originally designed. …

Black Lives Matter
Photo credit: James Eades of Eades Studio

Trayvon Martin, Freddie Gray, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, Michael Brown, Deborah Danner, Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, Natasha McKenna, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor …

These are just a few of the Black people who have recently been killed by the police in the United States. These deaths have sparked a worldwide conversation about a systemic pattern of oppression and violence. These patterns extend back hundreds of years and, continue to affect Black and Indigenous lives, as well as many other communities of color.

The Black Lives Matter movement in the United States began with a powerful Facebook post…


SpeechifAI enables companies and organizations to launch word-of-mouth campaigns on social media.

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