Learn more about SpeechifAI’s Frontend Lead, Isaiah Francois

Isaiah smiling while sitting on a dark brown couch with a white short sleeved collared shirt.

Meet Isaiah, SpeechifAI’s frontend lead.

He leads all functional aspects of the SpeechifAI platform that you can visually see: the AI, the backend, the technical features we see in real-time, and much more. …

Learn more about SpeechifAI’s Data Science Lead, Carly Gottorff

A young blonde in glasses woman standing in the center of a brick archway in Europe

Carly is the Data Science Lead for SpeechifAI.

She creates, manages, and leads all aspects of the AI and social data science SpeechifAI runs on. She joined the SpeechifAI team over one year ago and currently resides in Athens, Greece.

Carly holds a B.A. in Advanced Statistical Political Science


SpeechifAI enables companies and organizations to launch word-of-mouth campaigns on social media.

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